Pixelcraft Ltd - Specialists in Creative Retouching and 3D CGI

We focus on what we are passionate about and good at … cutting edge, digital craft. The high quality or our work, coupled with our professionalism, has resulted in opportunities to work with worldwide, award-winning photographers, agencies and clients on many campaigns that cover a wide range of industries.
Reasons our clients use us are:

Adrian Fitzgerald

Adrian Fitzgerald is the founder of Pixelcraft Ltd and has over 15 years experience in image creation.

Adrian started as a photolithographer's apprentice where he learnt the principles of pre-press and then transitioned into high-end drum scanning. It was a natural progression, with digital technology evolving, for him to get into creative retouching and 3D computer generated imagery. He formalised his new skill, and explored further the creative process, by completing a Graduate Diploma in Advertising Creativity at AUT University in 2005. Adrian set up Pixelcraft Ltd to promote and grow his creative passion of digital craft.

You can contact Adrian directly on email: adrian@pixelcraft.co.nz or phone: 021 555 387.